bree rosen

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my website.

A couple quick highlights: I'm a graduate of the Two-Year Meisner Conservatory Program at the William Esper Studio, a professional acting studio in NYC, where I continue to take master classes.  I'm an active member of BUSTER, an indie improv team comprised of players from Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB - Graduate of the Improv Program). THE LIANA INN film (Academy Nominated DP Derek Wiesehahn) and a role on the Emmy Award Winning show A CRIME TO REMEMBER are recent projects, while I'm currently working on a film about revenge. I continue to hone my skills via vocal coaching and voice-over jam sessions, which is keeping me busy with VO commercials! When I'm not acting, I'm traveling across the country teaching the basics of self-defense, with a badass, comedic twist for Girls Fight Back! Hell-of-a day job, eh?

But there's more...

When I was about 12 years old, I watched a movie called Rosewood. It was the first movie I ever cried watching. Actually, I was convulsing. Alternating from hiding in our green and maroon striped couch to pacing in the other room in case I threw up. I could hardly keep watching, I didn't think I could handle it. I truly had never felt anything so intense, it was like my body was going into shell-shock. All from watching a movie. A movie I couldn't wrap my head around, even though I had read about violent racism and lynch mobs in history books. This piece took me to another world and rocked my mindset.

This is just one of many films that allowed me to experience a foreign world, opened my eyes, altered my viewpoint, changed how I felt and thought about life. THAT is the power and inspiration of art.

This, my friends, is why I want to inspire others with a fiery passion. To allow people to feel, laugh, empathize, dream, love, connect, LIVE! If I could make just one person feel an ounce full-of-life through acting, singing, dancing, writing, playing... the way I was that night on my couch in the middle of nowhere Indiana... I will have served my purpose on this beautiful planet. I'm a fierce lover and a wicked fighter striving for excellence, persevering to create Divine art.

I'm on a mission. Wanna join me?

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to be inspired is great. to inspire others is incredible.
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